Our paper is now published in Journal of Autism and Developemntal Disorders.

We reported that GABA concentration in the brain motor areas was linked to the level of motor disabilities of ASD individuals. We applied MRspectroscopy for measuring GABA concentration in human brain and BOT-2 for assessing the level of motor skills. Interestingly, the primary motor area (M1) and supplementary motor area (SMA) were differenctly correlated with performances of the gross movements and coordinated movements, respectively.


Authors: Umesawa Y*, Matsushima K, Atsumi T, Kato T, Fukatsu R, Wada M, Ide M*

*Corresponding authors

Title: Altered GABA concentration in brain motor area is associated with the severity of motor disabilities in individuals with autism spectrum disorder

Journal: Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal site:


Our artcile of cross-modal suppresion effect is published in Scientific Reports

Our article was published in Scientific Reports. We reported the effect of spatial congruency on cross-modal suppresion between visual and tactile modalites.

Title:Effects of spatial consistency and individual difference on touch-induced visual suppression effect

Authors:Souta Hidaka*, Yosuke Suzuishi, Masakazu Ide, Makoto Wada

Journal:Scientific Reports



Our article studying mice's perception of bodily motions from other individuals was published in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Our article was published in Fronties in Behavioral Neuroscience. We reported that mice can discriminatemotion of random dots from that of body movement's dots of other individuals on a monitor.

Title:Spontaneous discriminative response to the biological motion displays involving a walking conspecific in mice

Authors:Takeshi Atsumi*, Masakazu Ide, Makoto Wada*

Journal:Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience